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HealthFactors is a Minneapolis-based company that creates outcomes-based, smart therapy management programs. The HealthFactors platform is an end-to-end, enterprise software solution for medical device and life sciences companies.

HealthFactors takes a practical approach to digital health, providing services that create real-world value and results. Our therapy-specific program models drive patient compliance, improve outcomes, and lower costs while creating a market advantage for our customers. We take a collaborative approach to business development to provide best-in-class technology and security measures that meet or exceed federal and state regulations.

It all starts with a Business Strategy session followed by a Proof-of-Concept. Schedule a meeting to discuss how to take the first step.

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Key Pillars of Smart Therapy Management


Smart Therapy Management starts with a secure, regulatory-compliant, cloud-based IoT service platform. This platform enables device and system integration that has been proven to enhance traditional therapy management through serverless architecture and rich, web- or mobile-based applications portals. This approach delivers numerous benefits for patients, caregivers, health systems and med-tech companies.

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HealthFactors addresses chronic and complex conditions by bringing together all the elements needed to create Smart Therapy Management programs.

Remote data collection
Collaborative care management
Clinical Reporting – Aggregating and drill downs
Connectivity through device communication protocols
Plug-and-play resources with cloud-based data sources
Support for any payload output
Data processing via the cloud
Device subscription management
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