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HealthFactors, a medical technology company located in Minneapolis, is harnessing the power of Smart Therapy Management to change how respiratory care is delivered and to improve the patient and caregiver experience.

Our core competencies include Medical Device Commercialization, Digital Health Solutions, and Therapeutic Transformation – all of which can be leveraged individually as service offerings to our industry partners or blended to  create a Smart Therapy Management approach.

Smart Therapy Management allows us to work efficiently in a value-based care arrangement to address unmet needs and challenges for health care professionals, patients, and family care givers living with respiratory conditions.

Collectively, our core competencies allow us to innovate, develop, and commercialize devices and service programs with a holistic-care approach rather than a device-specific approach. Our goal is to launch solutions that not only provide clinical benefits, but that make data actionable, leverage proven outcomes, enable efficiencies, and improve access to care.

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